Daily Reading and Deals 3/20/2012

Amazon 50% off deal – through Amazon Local, today only, buy a $10 Amazon card for $5. If you shop at Amazon, this deal is too good to pass up. Unfortunately, it is limit one per household. And like other local deals, there is (supposedly) a limited supply today.

Francis Schaeffer on Science and the Bible – or, even better, on getting them in the right order

Modesty Links – a good roundup of links to articles, etc. on Christian modesty

What My Mother Did – an excellent article on a mother’s legacy through her labors to make the Lord’s Day special to her children, at her own expense (like many other things mothers, and fathers, do)

Diapers, Nursing, Clinging to Christ – more encouragement for mothers in the fog of pregnancy and caring for young children. There really is only one thing to remember, because it all depends on him, not on us: “Do you hold fast to Christ? Are you thankful — in the midst of pregnancy and nursing, diapers and discipline? The details of last Sunday’s sermon might be foggy, or lost entirely. How much more so the teachings from a year or more ago. But don’t let that trouble you. If nothing else sticks, remember this: Cling to Christ. You have been united with him. Cling to him.”

Cultivating the Affections – this is the ultimate goal of education, particularly classical education. Or at least it should be. This is what is really going on in the minds and hearts of children as they grow up, which has profound implications on how we parent and educate our children. This is one of the primary reasons I believe classical education is by far the best model and method for educating (read: parenting and shepherding) children.

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