Re-defining Terms, Disobedience, and Deaconnesses in the PCA

Doug Wilson gets it exactly right, cutting to the heart of the matter:

But in the PCA, the egalitarian pressure is on, and the capitulations are in process. This means that the church order of the PCA is being altered by default, and it is not be altered by means of an honest constitutional process. It is being altered by a combination of ecclesiastical disobedience, passive agressiveness, and postmodern label shifting.

This is what has bothered me most about this whole issue. It is fine to disagree with our Book of Church Order and think that having women serve as deacons is acceptable biblically. But to disobey our constitution, after taking vows to obey it, is just wrong. People who disagree with it should labor to change it and obey it in the meantime. Or they should go to a denomination that supports their views if they insist on this practice. But how can it be anything but sinful to outrght disobey our constitution, or like a child try to re-define the terms and weasel around the rules?

I wish more people actually in the PCA had the boldness to put it in these terms.

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