Today’s Reading List 3/7/2012

Tips for Children in Worship – This is part 2 of yesterday’s post on children in worship. Today he gives practical tips, many of which are good advice for adults and older children too on preparing ourselves for worship. I would add teaching common songs and parts of worship, such as the Doxology, the Gloria Patri, and the Apostle’s Creed, at home to your young children. Most of my children have been able to sing the songs at the age of 2 and recite the creed at 3-4. That way they can participate in the service.

Those Children Have Names – A response on the desiringGod blog to the after-birth abortion article.

New Book: Loving Well by William Smith – I have been waiting for this one to be released; it is on sale through tomorrow from the publisher. Ed Welch has this to say about it: “I have read dozens of books about love, so I wasn’t expecting anything new. But I don’t remember too many books that I wanted to read to my wife, inspired me, led me in confession, left me with enthusiasm to try some bolder forms of love, and will leave me poor because I want to get copies for so many friends.”


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