Physicists Advance Cosmological Theory Consistent with Biblical Creation

Back in my agnostic/atheist days I did a fair amount of reading and dabbling in popular physics, including quantum mechanics and cosmology. I have to admit I have always been a little skeptical about theories such as the Big Bang and the existence of dark matter, which is necessary to make current theories work out mathematically. After becoming a Christian, as a scientist I studied the philosophy of science, mainly from secular sources, with the realization that most, if not all, theories in science are based on assumptions and presuppositions that are not provable. These presuppositions form the basis of theories, influence which experiments are performed, and force some rational conclusions to be considered impossible even if they best explain the data. Intellectually honest scientists, even evolutionists, openly admit this to be true. They understand science.

Now physicists, not all of them Christian, have gone back and looked at the data on our universe and the assumptions that formed current theories, such as the fact that our solar system cannot be the center of the universe even though by all appearances the universe is expanding away from us in all directions. Apparently, going back and assuming that the universe is expanding away from us, and applying Einstein’s theories and quantum theory, shows that time was affected as the universe expanded away from us, allowing for the earth to be young and the starlight coming to us from far away to appear very old. It also explains the distribution of galaxies and eliminates the need for dark matter and other “fudge” factors in the current mathematical formulas.

I am excited that someone has gone back and challenged the fundamental assumptions and presuppositions that were made and tried again to explain the data. I am even more excited that the theory explains how what we see and what we read in Scripture can both be true.

You can read a brief review of the book at the Aquila Report.

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